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Consulting Services

Consulting means different things to different people. One thing it isn't is a cut-and-dried series of steps from a textbook.

To Sigma 4, consulting is a very human, back-and-forth process between client and development team. Frequently, as clients grow to better understand the capabilites and limits of their systems, their goals for the system evolve as well. Sigma 4 works with and advises the client about the impacts, especially to cost and schedule, of proposed changes to the system but the client is always the final decision maker. Together we work to translate their needs and desires into the most cost effective system possible.

There are, four phases to system development. In the real world, these phases always overlap, or even iterate multiple times.

Sigma 4 has experience in integrating commercial off-the-shelf systems and in developing partial or full system solutions for a wide variety of customers. These customers range from the literal rocket scientists to general office personnel. This broad experience allows Sigma 4 to offer consulting, in addition to development services for customers who are clueless as well as those who already know exactly what they want.